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Daffy Duck, an anthropomorphic black duck who is usually a foil for Bugs Bunny or Porky Pig, has developed a bad habit of buying things online without paying attention to the price. He doesn't realize that his credit card is linked to Bugs Bunny's bank account, and he is spending Bugs' money on useless items. When Bugs finds out, he is furious and forces Daffy to join a group therapy session led by Yosemite Sam, a gruff cowboy with a short temper. There, Daffy meets other shopaholics like Tina Russo, his girlfriend, and Porky Pig, his best friend. Daffy learns to control his impulses and stop shopping online for a while. Meanwhile, Bugs becomes obsessed with a video game called "Gribbler's Quest IV: Elves vs. Fairies vs. Griblets.", a fantasy adventure game where he can create his own character and explore a magical world. He spends hours playing the game and neglects his other responsibilities. Daffy notices that Bugs is addicted to the game and confronts him about it. Bugs admits that he plays the game because he enjoys it and it makes him happy. Daffy realizes that he feels the same way about online shopping and decides to quit the group therapy and resume his old habit. He tells Tina and Porky that he loves shopping online and he doesn't want to change. They are shocked and disappointed by his decision, but Daffy doesn't care. He goes back to his computer and orders more stuff with Bugs' money.

The next day, Bugs receives a package from the online store. He opens it and finds a bunch of items that he didn't order, such as a pink tutu, a rubber duck, and a cheese grater. He realizes that Daffy has been shopping online again with his money and he is furious. He confronts Daffy and demands that he return the items and pay him back. Daffy refuses and says that he has a right to shop online as much as he wants. He accuses Bugs of being a hypocrite for playing video games all day. They start to argue and fight over the package.

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Meanwhile, Tina and Porky are worried about Daffy's relapse. They decide to visit him and try to convince him to come back to the group therapy. They arrive at his house and see him and Bugs fighting over the package. They try to intervene and calm them down, but they end up getting involved in the scuffle. The package falls to the ground and breaks open, spilling its contents everywhere. Tina picks up the pink tutu and asks Daffy why he bought it. Daffy says that he thought it was cute and he wanted to try it on. Tina is disgusted and throws the tutu at him. Porky picks up the cheese grater and asks Daffy why he bought it. Daffy says that he thought it was a musical instrument and he wanted to play it. Porky is confused and drops the cheese grater on his foot. Yosemite Sam arrives at the scene and sees the chaos. He yells at them to stop fighting and get back to the group therapy. He grabs Daffy by the neck and drags him away. Tina and Porky follow them, leaving Bugs alone with the mess.

Bugs sighs and starts to clean up the mess. He sees the rubber duck and picks it up. He remembers that he used to play with a rubber duck when he was a kid and he had a lot of fun with it. He wonders if he has been missing out on the simple joys of life by playing video games all the time. He decides to give the rubber duck a chance and squeezes it. It makes a squeaky sound that makes him smile. He squeezes it again and laughs. He feels a surge of happiness and decides to quit playing video games for a while and enjoy other things in life. He puts the rubber duck in his pocket and goes outside to look for some friends to play with. 0efd9a6b88

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